San Diego USATF

Field Event Performance of the Year

Arnie Robinson Award
1987Ramona Pagel
1988Ramona Pagel
1989Ramona Pagel
1990Brent Noon
1991Ramona Pagel
1992Jim Doehring
1993Jim Doehring
1994Jim Doehring
1995Ramona Pagel
1996Leslie Coons
Arnie Robinson AwardRamona Pagel Award
1997Von WareAmy Littlepage
1998Von WareTracy O'Hara
1999Von WareLeslie Coons
2000Von Ware
Leslie Coons
Tracy O'Hara
2001Von Ware
Leslie Coons
Tracy O'Hara
2002Von WareLeslie Coons
2003Kenta Bell
Carl Brown
Jamie Nieto
Tracy O'Hara
2004Toby StevensonTracy O'Hara
2005Boldizsár KocsorTracy O'Hara

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