San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress


Balboa Park Hall of Champions
October 16, 1991

  1. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Cindy Cohagen, Sam Cohen, Thom Hunt, Roger Martin, Ed Oleata, Joni Shirley, Bob Sieben, and Jim Skelly.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the meeting of August 21.
  3. The President gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account balance was $13,345 while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  4. Cohen and Martin discussed the possibility of SDIAC merging the Association Masters Track and Field Championships with the San Diego Senior Sports Festival, tentatively scheduled for May 24 and 25. The seniors meet is restricted to age 50 and above, and differs from the standard TAC championship events.
  5. Hunt proposed a cross-country SDIAC championship series to consist of the Balboa 8-Mile, Balboa 4-Mile Cross-Country, the Aztec Cross Country, and the SDIAC Cross Country Championship, and possible additional races. The Board unanimously approved Bernard's motion that SDIAC institute a Cross Country Challenge Series. The composition of the series, and the award structure, not to exceed $1000, are to be determined by a committee chaired by Hunt, with Bernard and Cohagen. The Board further approved a motion by Hunt that no race in the cross country series could also be in the road race challenge series.
  6. The Board appointed a committee chaired by G. Shirley, with Bache and Cohagen, to finalize the Challenge series prior to the TAC national convention.
  7. Skelly reported the certification of three more officials, announced an officials certification workshop, tentatively scheduled for January 11, and listed the 1992 track and field officiating schedule.
  8. The meeting adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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