San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress


Balboa Park Hall of Champions
October 20, 1993

  1. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Joni Shirley, Jim Skelly, and Peter Stern.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the meeting of August 18.
  3. The President gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account balance as of September 10 was $10,814 while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  4. Skelly reported on the progress of the Olympic Training Center. A scaled-down version is nearing completion for track and field, rowing, canoeing, kayak, field hockey, soccer, archery, cycling, synchronized swimming, water polo, and junior developmental tennis. The facility will house 120-180, with dining for 350. Shared facilities include administration buildings, a sports medicine and strength center, and an interim visitors center. The scheduled completion date is June 1994. The total budget is $62.5 million, with $20 million for land. The Training Center is currently short $2 million. On completion, the Center will be deeded to the US Olympic Committee. Gloria Chadwick will be the director.
  5. Bache will be in Japan from November 18-24 as manager of the US women's national team for the Chiba ekiden.
  6. G. Shirley reported on the progress of the Cross Country series. There has been significant time spent determining membership of the participants. The ability of any future series to have accurate, timely results depends on race directors collecting membership information at registration.
  7. J. Shirley reported briefly on the Mission Bay 25K November 20, which will be the National Masters Championship again. The San Diego Track Club annual dinner will be November 6, the same night as the Association Cross Country Championships. The club will recognize the state champion boys cross-country team from Mission Bay High School.
  8. Bernard provided some results from the Masters World Track and Field Championships. Oleata fell in the high hurdles while leading the decathlon, and finished fourth for the ten events. Steve Robbins won a gold and a silver.
  9. Bernard reported on finish line equipment. Arnie Robinson proposes leading a group to purchase a computerized system. Bernard suggested that there is no place for SDIAC in such an arrangement. We are having a number of problems with our other equipment. The nine-inch clocks are dead, as is a one-faced clock. The two smaller clocks are functioning. All three Chronomix timers have had recent repairs.
  10. The board discussed the cross-country championship races November 6. The Men's Association Championship is at 8:00 a.m., followed by the Women's at 8:45. Junior Olympics races will be at 9:15, 9:45, and 10:15.
  11. Skelly reported that the announcement of the award of the Women's Marathon Trials should be made in three to four weeks. The competition is Charlotte, NC and Columbia, SC.
  12. The meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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