San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress


Balboa Park Hall of Champions
April 20, 1994

  1. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Linda Gorman, Kevin Heaton, Joni Shirley, and Jim Skelly.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the meeting of February 16.
  3. The President gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account balance was $8573.21 while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  4. Skelly reported the upcoming meet schedule for the Track & Field Officials that includes the Southern California Junior College Prelims and Finals and the Junior Olympics. The Board unanimously approved Skelly's motion to subsidize the Officials association for $300 for printing costs due to the USATF name change.
  5. The President stated that he had been contacted indirectly by the lead cyclist at the Sue Krenn 15K concerning another cyclist accompanying the lead runner. This additional cyclist allegedly interfered with other runners and assisted the lead runner. Although no protest was filed, the Board discussed possible rules violations, as well as how to prevent a recurrence. Bernard will contact the runner.
  6. The Board discussed the Cross Country Championship Series. SDIAC had no representatives at the most recent meeting, but the planning includes the following points.

    1. The Series will expand to seven races with the addition of a Movin Shoes 10-12K run.
    2. SDIAC registration is required to score points either individually or for a team.
    3. Individual scoring will be 15 deep on a 20-17-15-13-11-10 ... 1 basis.

    The Board discussed methods to avoid the problems of the 1993 series. SDIAC representatives will attend future planning meetings and will approve the final form.
  7. Bache announced that the Junior Olympics Association Track & Field Championships will be Sunday June 5 at Balboa Stadium.
  8. The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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