San Diego USATF


2820 Camino del Rio South 130
June 19, 2002

  1. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Nelson Alexander, Lolitia Bache, Paul Greer, Adam Henderson, Sharon Powell, Elizabeth Tate, and Pat Thiss.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the meeting of April 17.
  3. The President gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account balance was $9871 while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  4. The Board approved a motion to direct the President to forward a recent grievance and information related to that grievance to the National Office in accordance with Article 15 of the USATF Bylaws.
  5. Greer described the upcoming Dirt Dogs Cross Country series. There will be clinics at Movin Shoes on July 27 and at Road Runner Sports August 24.
  6. Greer also discussed some of the problems with rental of Balboa Stadium.
  7. Alexander and Henderson reported that the Junior Olympics Regionals attracted 1200 competitors to San Diego State and went off successfully on schedule.
  8. The meeting adjourned at 9:42 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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