San Diego USATF


Athletics Building, 4th Floor, SDSU
July 20, 2005

  1. President Graeme Shirley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. In addition to the President, the attendees were Kettrell Berry, Philip Dunn, Lillian Mahoney, Jennifer Nanista, Sharon Powell, Rahn Sheffield, and Wes Williams.
  2. The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the June 15 meeting.
  3. In the absence of the Treasurer, there was no financial report.
  4. Nanista reported that the Association Open Track & Field Championships, June 16 at SDSU (June 18 for the discus & hammer at UCSD), went well, although attendance was down.
  5. Dunn reported that four race walkers competed at the Association Track & Field Championships as a tuneup for the USA Championships. John Nunn has qualified for the World Championship 50 km Race Walk and he will join Curt Clausen in Helsinki. Dunn, Kevin Eastler, and Tim Seaman have qualifiers for the 20 km event.
  6. Dunn also reported that the 2006 USA 30 km Race Walk Championship will be January 15 in Chula Vista, although the site selection must be formally approved at the National Meeting. Beginning this year, the Race Walk Committee may approve bids further into the future than the current year by year selection. The Board unanimously authorized Dunn to bid for not only the 2006 30 km event, but any other championships which may be offered.
  7. Berry reported that the July 9 Association Masters Track & Field Championships went well, with only a couple of minor problems, including running out of medals because volunteers handed out too many golds. 22 Masters from the San Diego-Imperial Association are registered for the USA Masters Track & Field Championships in Honolulu, and three for the World Masters Championships in San Sebastian, Spain.
  8. Mahoney reported on two recent records in the Association. Nadine O'Connor set another W60 World Record in the pole vault (3.10 m, 10' 2") at the Association Open meet and Leland McPhie set an American Record in the M90 HJ (1.09 m, 3' 6") at the Association Masters meet. In each case some paperwork is still needed.
  9. Shirley gave the registration report. As of July 20, the Association had 1541 members (1118 youth, 176 open, 247 masters). The upcoming Dirt Dogs Cross Country Series should help the open and masters numbers.
  10. The Board unanimously approved the Jury of Appeal for the Dirt Dogs Series as Jim Skelly, Lillian Mahoney, and Bob Babbitt.
  11. The Board selected a nominating committee of Dunn, Mahoney, and Nanista, to select a candidate for Vice President. The position must be filled at the Annual Meeting.
  12. The President discussed a potential Bylaws amendment to replace the current Association election procedure of an open meeting with an alternate method offered by the model bylaws provided by the National Office. He will try to locate the text of these alternatives prior to the next meeting.
  13. Powell reported that the youth meet had considerable coverage by local television stations.
  14. The meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

    Lillian Mahoney
    Recording Secretary

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