Records Fall at Association Track & Field Championships

by Graeme Shirley

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - (June 19, 2004) - When Rahn Sheffield and Wes Williams accepted their positions as men's and women's track and field chairmen for 2004, their assignment was to conduct an Association Championship in the 2004 Olympic year to rival Dixon Farmer's 1984 meet. Sheffield, Williams, and Jennifer Nanista assembled almost 200 athletes from the Olympic Training Center, collegiate programs, and other open competitors looking for a qualifying mark or a tune-up meet.

The athletes responded by rewriting the record books. They set five new Choc Sportsman Oval records, tied another, and scared several others. There was a Guam National record in the 100 meter dash, and numerous marks that exceeded Olympic Trials standards.

See the Complete Results for the details. The following are the new track records:

EventNew Mark Old Mark
M 100 mJosh Norman10.09 Olapade Adeniken (1991)
Frank Fredericks (1991)
W 200 mAngela Daigle23.24 Hydiane Harper (1997)23.24
M 400 mHBayano Kamani49.23 Quentin Wheeler (1979)49.24
M PVRobinson Pratt5.51m (18' 1") Jeff Hansen (2001)5.50m (18' 0")
W PVLindsay Taylor4.45m (14' 7") Jill Starkey (2001)4.23m (13'10")
W TJShakeema Walker13.78m (45' 2") Wendy Brown (1986)13.21m (43' 4")

The 1984 meet featured a number of famous athletes, including Jackie Joyner, Randy Williams, Ramona Pagel, Ruth Wysocki, Monica Joyce, James Sanford, and Diane Dixon. The following table is a head to head comparison of the winning marks this year versus that memorable 1984 meet. Counting quality marks, this year's meet has about a 20-12 lead.

Event2004 1984
M 100 mJosh Norman10.09 James Sanford10.44
W 100 mAngela Williams11.15 Jennifer Inniss11.78
M 200 mMike Mitchell20.76 James Sanford20.86
W 200 mAngela Daigle23.24 Roberta Belle23.92
M 400 mTyree Washington45.40 Billy Mullins46.03
W 400 mTiffany Barnes52.42 Diane Dixon52.18
M 800 mMartell Munguia1:51.52 Rob Webster1:46.35
W 800 mSasha Spencer2:02.64 Ruth Wysocki2:01.18
M 1500 mWill Berriel4:23.82 Ron Roberts3:40.5h
W 1500 m Ball4:21.4h
W 3000 m Monica Joyce8:49.51
M 5000 mAndrew Thacher19:13.00 
W 5000 mKathryn Kasischke18:41.22 
M 110 mHLewis Edmonson13.76 
W 100 mHBrenda Taylor13.19 Linda Weekly13.62
M 400 mHBayano Kamani49.23 Ed Cooper49.8h
W 400 mHMegan Addy55.71 Lexie Beck57.3h
M 3000 m SCPat McGrail9:48.25 Jeff Hess8:41.4h
W 3000 m SC 
M HJGreg Roberts2.21m (7' 3") Anthony Caire2.13m (7' 0")
W HJLisa Riech1.69m (5' 6") Jackie Joyner1.77m (5' 10")
M PVRobinson Pratt5.51m (18' 1") 
W PVLindsay Taylor4.45m (14' 7") 
M LJBashir Ramzy7.90m (25'11") Randy Williams7.56m (24'10")
W LJBunmi Canales6.27m (20' 7") Jennifer Inniss6.35m (20'10")
M TJBrandon Evans16.37m (53' 8") 
W TJShakeema Walker13.78m (45' 2") 
M SPJesse Roberge18.94m (62' 1") Mike Smith20.30m (66' 7")
W SPVivian Chukwuemeka17.80m (58' 4") Ramona Pagel17.18m (56' 4")
M DTJarred Rome63.79m (209' 3") Judd Binley62.23m (204' 2")
W DTSummer Pierson59.46m (195' 1") Laura DeSnoo57.48m (188' 7")
M HTTore Gustafsson66.43m (217'11") 
W HTLeslie Coons66.72m (218'11") 
M JTJonathan Rozborski65.30m (214' 3") John Amabile74.16m (243' 4")
W JTLeslie Miller43.63m (143' 2") Debbie Williams49.63m (162'10")

Athletes representing 17 different IAAF federations entered: American Samoa, Belize, Canada, Cote d'Ivoire, Denmark, Guam, Haiti, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Poland, Sierra Leone, Sweden, Chinese Taipei, as well as the USA.

There are two standards for qualifying for the Olympic Trials. Details are at the USATF Olympic Team Trials site. The A standard guarantees entry. Athletes who attain B standards will be included in the event only if additional competitors are needed to fill the stated field size (i.e., not enough athletes have attained the "A" standard).

The following US man made the A standard.
The following US men made B standards.
The following US women made A standards.
The following US women made B standards.
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