Kanter Launches Disc over 70 meters at Training Center

by Graeme Shirley

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - (April 28, 2005) - Estonian Gerd Kanter made an impressive move up the all-time list with a 70.10 meter (229' 11") discus throw in an invitational meet meet at the Olympic Training Center today.

Kanter's mark moved him from 38th to 18th longest longest thrower in history, set a new national record for Estonia, and moved him to the top of the world list for 2005 by over a meter.

The seventy-meter barrier has only ever been exceeded 56 times by 20 throwers. However many of those were more than 20 years ago. With Kanter's mark, since 1985 there have only been 23 such throws by 12 athletes globally. Only one of those was on U.S. soil, Anthony Washington's 71.14 meter (233' 4") effort at Salinas in 1996.

Kanter's throw came just five days after his previous lifetime best and national record (68.61 meters, 225' 1") at UCSD's Triton Invitational April 23.

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