July 2005 President's Message

by Graeme Shirley

Deadline for the July column presents a problem. It's too late to promote most of the track and field championship events, they will be over by the time you read this. It's too early to report results, they have not happened yet.

One exception is the San Diego Association Masters Track & Field Championships, the 7th Chuck McMahon Memorial Meet, on July 9. Space-available registration will be available up through meet day. Information is on the website.

The Dirt Dogs Cross Country Series will begin in August. A schedule will be published shortly. The 2004 series drew almost 200 competitors.

Thom Hunt and Paul Greer conducted the inaugural Distance Carnival on May 7. The results and reaction from athletes show that this will grow into a large event, much like their cross country series. The event offered prize money to eligible athletes ($75 for first, $50 for second, and $25 for third). Kalpanatit Broderick did the math and decided if $75 was good, $225 was better, as he won the 800 meters (1:56.17), mile (4:09.16), and 5000 meters (14:55.7). Third in the mile was junior AJ Acosta (4:10.08), with the the second fastest high school time in the country through mid-May, just behind his coach Thomas Kloos (4:09.75). 40-year-old Toya Reavis posted a 2:20.92 for 800 meters, a significant mark since only half a dozen American masters women have broken 2:20.

Hal Goforth moved into a new age group and took second in the Boston Marathon for men 60-69 (2:59:28). This was his 30th Boston Marathon, 28th consecutive.

And what would a column be without another world record by Nadine O'Connor? Her outdoor pole vault mark is now 3.07 meters (10' 0").

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