San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress


University Club
November 18, 1986

  1. Long-Distance Running Chairman Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. In addition to the Chairman and Secretary, the attendees were Neil Finn, Kevin Heaton, Randy Kilpatrick, Ed Oleata, Jeff Rigdon, Bob Sieben, Bill Stock, and Judy Stolpe.
  2. The only agenda item was the hearing of a protest by Race Director Neil Finn that Peter Kanfer, an Athletics Congress registrant from Pasadena, California, had entered the America's Finest City Half-Marathon August 24, 1986, and crossed the finish line, but had not run the complete course.
  3. The Chairman stated that the procedure for the hearing was a set of instructions from Ollan Cassell, Executive Director of The Athletics Congress/USA, and was delineated in the TAC Directory. The Chairman further stated that he had given Kanfer thirty-days written notice by registered mail of this special meeting, and had the returned receipt.
  4. The Committee approved unanimously the following motion by the Chairman, seconded by Stock, "The Long-Distance Running Committee finds that Peter Kanfer did not run the complete course of the America's Finest City Half-Marathon August 24, 1986." This action followed the review of the following evidence taken at a hearing October 15, 1986:

    1. A complaint filed by Race Director Neil Finn
    2. A review of three videorecordings in which no witnesses could find Kanfer: at 3 miles (about 500 runners), at 5 miles (200 runners), and at 10 miles (100 runners)
    3. A review of two videorecordings in which Kanfer appeared, with his bib number 14 visible: at 20 kilometers (14th-place runner) and at the finish line (23rd place runner)
    4. A still photograph of Kanfer at the finish line
    5. Testimony of Graeme Shirley that he was unable to locate runner number 14 at the starting line, while finding 28 of the bibs numbered 1 to 30 in the hour prior to the start of the race
    6. Testimony of five runners who joined the leaders at given points in the race, then slowed to check bib numbers of passing runners, in no case finding number 14: Shirley (1 mile), Rigdon (3 miles), Heaton (6 miles), Kasischke (8 miles), Kilpatrick (10 miles; reached the finish line at about 75 minutes)
    7. Testimony of Chuck Boyer, who called runners' numbers into a tape recorder at the turn onto 6th Avenue (about 11 miles into the race)

  5. The Committee approved unanimously a motion by Stock, seconded by Stolpe, that the Committee "Suspend the eligibility of Peter Kanfer to compete in any races in San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress jurisdiction."
  6. The Committee approved unanimously a motion by the Secretary, seconded by Stock, that the Committee "Authorize SDIAC President Ken Bernard to take the actions necessary for possible action by the TAC/USA Executive Director and/or the Long-Distance Running Committee of TAC/USA."
  7. The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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