San Diego-Imperial Athletics Congress


Balboa Park Hall of Champions
April 15, 1992

  1. President Ken Bernard called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. In addition to the President and Secretary, the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Joni Shirley, and Jim Skelly.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the meeting of February 19.
  3. The President gave the Treasurer's report. The checking account balance was $13,408 while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000.
  4. The Board approved a motion by G. Shirley to provide $100 each for up to seven summer all-comers meets.
  5. Skelly announced some changes to the officiating schedule. Future meets include The NAIA District 3 Championships at Point Loma Nazarene College May 8 and 9, and the CIF meets at Balboa Stadium.
  6. Skelly also stated that he has been working with the Olympic Training Center development. The first phase has been cut back due to lack of funds, but the track and field facility has not been affected.
  7. Bache announced that the Junior Olympics will be held June 6 and 7 in conjunction with the Senior Sports Classic.
  8. J. Shirley reported on the TAC National Masters Indoor Championships, which included her American Record W45 3000m of 11:06.77.
  9. Several members of the Board expressed their displeasure with the San Diego Track Club News Calendar, which SDIAC subsidizes.
  10. The meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

    Graeme Shirley

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