San Diego USATF


2820 Camino del Rio South 130
February 15, 2006

  1. President Graeme Shirley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. In addition to the President the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Jay Beltz, Paul Greer, Thom Hunt, Lillian Mahoney, Roland Morris, Sharon Powell, Wes Williams and guests Joy Sargis, Joshua Tran, and William Wong.
  2. The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the January 18 meeting.
  3. Bache provided a written Treasurer's report. The checking account balance is $5,352.78, while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000. About $700 in checks is outstanding.
  4. Although Dunn was not present, he provided an written race walk report. Dunn won the 50 km USA Championships, beating out a field that included John Nunn. He now qualifies to represent the US at the IAAF World Cup Race Walk on May 13-14 in La Coruņa, Spain. He is the first US athlete to qualify for the 2008 Olympic Team Trials, with the exception of the marathoners who qualified at the 2005 Twin Cities Marathon.
  5. Williams reported that the Aztec Classic was now scheduled for March 17 and 18 at San Diego State University rather than at the Olympic Training Center.
  6. Greer reported he was working on reviewing this year's Dirt Dog series, and was considering a fall classic. He plans to depart tomorrow for the USA Cross Country Championships in Van Cortland Park.
  7. Shirley gave the registration report. With this being the new year there was not much to report, except for early youth signups.
  8. Beltz reported that the audit committee met for the first time today. A more comprehensive review is still needed, but it appears that all expended money has been accounted for. He recommended establishing a financial committee to control expenses.
  9. Hunt provided a copy of the flyer prepared for the Annual Banquet which will be held on March 18 at Miramar MCAS Officers Club. The key is to get members to attend this event. However, the flyer has not been distributed yet. They would like to have it placed on the website with money to be taken at the door on the day of the banquet. The awards committee was almost set with the presentations.
  10. Hunt reported that the CIF results booklet, with the San Diego USATF ad, was out but he had not received a copy yet.
  11. Sargis was welcomed as the new webmaster. She brought two programmers from UCSD, Joshua Tran and William Wong, who will be helping her out on a volunteer basis.
  12. The meeting adjourned at 7:23 p.m.

    Lillian Mahoney
    Recording Secretary

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