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April 19, 2006

  1. President Graeme Shirley called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. In addition to the President the attendees were Lolitia Bache, Jay Beltz, Kettrell Berry, Philip Dunn, Paul Greer, Lillian Mahoney, Roland Morris, Jennifer Nanista, Sharon Powell, and Jim Skelly.
  2. The Board approved the minutes of the March 15 meeting.
  3. Bache provided a written Treasurer's report. The checking account balance is $12,630.14, while the certificates of deposit were another $16,000. Bache said that the increase was due to receiving for sanction fees to big events, including the Carlsbad 5000, La Jolla Half, and Race for Literacy, and membership dues. Bache reported that net cost for the annual dinner was $1,449.97 this year, compared to last year’s $2,729.00 and 2004's $4,856.30.
  4. During the Treasurer's report there were questions raised on the budget for each committee. The Treasurer and President stated that the standing sports committees did not have set budgets, and that significant expenses should be approved by the Board.
  5. Nanista reported that she had printed 1200 flyers and taken an advertisement in the San Diego Track Club newsletter for the Association Track & Field Championships. Road Runner Sports will be a title sponsor. She was not certain of the total expenses or how much Road Runner Sports was going to provide. However, they would have exposure with packet pickup being at their outlet. Entry would be on line through Direct Athletics with a link on membership. The start time of the meet is 1:00 p.m. Nanista is anticipating a increased attendance over last year, with advance notice and Road Runner sports sponsorship. It was suggested that she hold a registration session at Road Runner Sports, hook up to on-line registration, and this way Road Runner Sports would get more traffic. For more information on registration, anyone can check the SDSU and Association websites. The schedule will be similar to last year. In order to participate one has to be a USATF member. There will be a race walk, with a qualifying mark. Nanista is to forward Dunn a schedule, with the race walk first. There will not be any day of race registration.
  6. Greer reported that the distance carnival was set for May 13th at Patrick Henry H.S. With more promotion this year, he hopes that the attendance will increase considerably. There will be day of race registration with a start time of 6:00 p.m. He will be sending eMails to the team captains and anticipates ideal conditions, and this year there is no competition from the Race for Literacy.
  7. Greer also stated that the planning meeting for the Dirt Dog Series will be after the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. There will also be a 2 km memorial run for Ursula Rains on May 14th at 10:00 at 6th & Quince.
  8. Dunn reported that California Track & Running News featured the USA 30 km Race Walk Championships on the front cover (Christine Johnson). Dunn reported on the World Cup Race Walk was being held in La Coruña, Spain on the May 13 weekend. John Nunn qualified and would be competing.
  9. Morris reported that the Youth had held several meets. The Association championship is set for 6/10-11 with no site set yet.
  10. Berry reported that the Association Meet, in conjunction with the Chuck McMahon Memorial Masters meet was scheduled for June 24 at Cal State San Marcos. He provided the Board with a copy of the 2006 budget and 2005 expenses, a meet flyer, and listing of volunteers and sponsors. The Board approved paying for the sanction and medals. Any profits from the meet will be split between the Association and the San Diego Senior Olympics. All entrants have to be USATF members.
  11. Berry also reported that 64-year-old Nadine O'Connor won the masters invitational 100 meters at the Mt SAC Relays. This was not an age-graded race, but head to head. Berry's relay team will compete at the Penn Relays next week.
  12. Skelly reported that there was an additional meet set for June 21, the Western State Police & Fire. On May 13 at the Olympic Training Center there will be an elite pole vault competition. The Officials Association brunch will be June 4, the same day as the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon at the Admiral Baker Club starting at noon with food service starting at 1:00 p.m.
  13. Mahoney reported that at the Carlsbad 5000 there again was yet another World Record with the winner, Olympic gold medalist Meseret Defar from Ethiopia, running 14:46. This is the 16th world record broken since the start of the Carlsbad 5000 21 years ago.
  14. Shirley reported that registration was down a little from previous years with a total of 1133 compared to last year's total at this time of 1217.
  15. Shirley has added three committee reports as standing items for the Board Agenda: web site, annual meeting, and awards dinner.
  16. The webmaster was not in attendance. The Board approved paying for an SQL license fee of $60.
  17. Annual Meeting: A nominating committee will be named and report on a slate of nominees in August.
  18. Awards Dinner: This was added as a reminder to start obtaining a date early in the year. Greer will chair the committee.
  19. The Board discussed the possibility of changing the Election Procedure to one of the other options approved by USATF Bylaws. The Board approved naming a committee to come back with a recommendation at the next Board meeting and, if needed, provide an implementation plan. Greer will chair the committee, with other members Beltz and Mahoney. They set a meeting date of April 27.
  20. Shirley noted that Youth Coach Background Checks were mandatory January 1, 2007, and that procedures needed to be in place soon.
  21. Shirley brought up the USATF Grant Application, which is due May 30, 2006 for the 2007 award. The entire country is given $20,000 for worthwhile projects. He noted that San Diego has never applied for this grant and may be wasting an opportunity.
  22. The Board discussed Youth Meet Sanctions. The Board approved waiving local sanction fees for the series and to include the waived fees as expenses in finance reports. In previous years only championship event fees were waived.
  23. The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

    Lillian Mahoney
    Recording Secretary

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