Association Masters Set 7 World Records at Indoor Nationals

by Graeme Shirley

NAMPA, Idaho - (March 13, 2005) - Masters Chairman Kettrell Berry led a contingent of 16 San Diego area athletes to the USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships. They returned with an impressive total of 18 national championships, 12 American Records and 7 of the 19 World Records at the meet.

Gerry Davidson led the way in her four races with four gold medals, four American records, and three world records. Her meet wasn't perfect, since her 4x400 relay team only took a silver, but then everyone else in the race was in their 40s, and she is 83.

Leland McPhie continued his domination of the 90-year-old group with five golds, five American Records and one World Record in his six events.

Nadine O'Connor, the 2004 athlete of the year nationally in both track and field for women 60-64, demonstrated her versatility with world records in both track and field. At age 63, she ran 29.51 for 200 meters, and vaulted almost 10 feet.

Finally, Kettrell and James Chinn led off an ad hoc 4x400 relay team which broke the world record with a 3:30.83 effort, about 52.7 per leg.

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